Effluent Reuse

With the increasing population in the central Texas region, the water from Lake Travis has been placed under higher demands. This coupled with recent droughts, tougher restrictions of water use, and the need for conservation, demand for treated effluent water has become increasingly apparent.  For the past 20 years  Hurst Creek MUD has actively been exploring and implementing the use of effluent water for irrigation purposes. Due to legislative bans on wastewater effluent discharges into the Highland lakes, another means for disposal of treated wastewater effluent water was needed.

Hurst Creek MUD has an authorization permit with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to provide Type 1 effluent water via the Chapter 210 Reclaim Water Authorization. Under this authorization through the TCEQ , reclaim water form the Hurst Creek MUD Wastewater Treatment Plant may be used for the irrigation of golf course (s), green belts, road right of ways, and maintenance of off-channel water impoundments at The Hills II Golf Course. Several customers use effluent water under this authorization in lieu of potable (drinking) water including: Club Estates Parkway medians,The Hills golf course, The Villas of Flintrock I&II, Tuscan Village, Emmaus Catholic Church, Lohman's right of way, and The Hills entrances.

Type 1 effluent is treated to a higher quality as it is expected (possible) to come into contact with humans. Most irrigation of these areas happens at night when it is least likely to come into contact with human interactions. All effluent water leaving the wastewater treatment plant is chlorinated to ensure inactivation of any disease causing organisms and is re-chlorinated as it leaves the effluent holding pond for distribution and application of irrigation. These uses of effluent are part of the ongoing commitment to water conservation by recycling our current treated wastewater effluent and reducing the demand on the Highland Lakes for water needed for irrigation purposes. 

Type 1 effluent requirements per state regulations are as follows for a 30 day average:

BOD or CBOD 5mg/L or less
Turbidity 3 NTU or less
Fecal Coliform 20 CFU/100ml (colony-forming untis/100ml sample) 
Fecal Coliform not to exceed   75CFU/100ml