Projected Usage Patterns

As 100% of all wastewater effluent produced by the District must be irrigated on the golf course or adjacent landscaping, effluent disposal must be the guiding principle of reuse. Current wastewater production is around 200,000 gallons per day, and slightly more than this volume will be produced at full build-out. Additionally, the District is contractually obligated to store and dispose of a maximum of 100,000 gallons per day of treated effluent from WCID Number 17s wastewater treatment plant.

Effluent Production

Total effluent production will exceed the average annual golf course irrigation demand of 264,527 gallons per day, and it is obvious that additional irrigable areas will be required in the future. However, in actuality, averages are somewhat meaningless. In a dry year there will not be enough effluent and we will require water from Lake Travis to meet golf course demand; in a wet year we will be urging the golf course to irrigate in excess of their actual needs, to legally dispose of the necessary volume of effluent.