Historical Usage Patterns

Usage patterns for the previous 5 years are shown on Appendix 4.

About the Patterns

A close examination of these patterns reveals the following:
  • Monthly and daily per connection use is high, averaging 20,504 gallons per month, or 683 gallons per day over the 5-year period.
  • There is no consistent pattern of rising or falling usage over the 5-year period. Peak usage occurred in 2000, with 25,827 gallons per month, and was lowest in 2004, with 18,359 gallons. The most likely explanation of this phenomena is that the majority of water usage is for lawn irrigation, which is dependent on rainfall trends. An analysis of the summer to winter usage ratio in a representative year indicates that summer use is about 2.6 times the volume used in the winter.
  • Water accountability is excellent, ranging from 96.8% to 88.2%, with an average accountability of 93.9%. This high accountability is the result of a wholesale change-out of all service lines in the system several years ago, an active water meter replacement program, and a diligent meter reading program.