Past Conservation Efforts

The District's service area is composed of relatively large, affluent homes with extensive landscaping. In 2002 the District implemented an increasing block rate structure, wherein larger volumes of water are billed at a higher rate. There was no noticeable effect on overall water demand; the customers merely paid more and kept on watering their expensively-landscaped lawns.

Watering Schedule

The District periodically sends out flyers and posts notices on the Village website requesting voluntary watering scheduling during dry summer months. This scheduling has had the effect of leveling out the peak demand period during daily lawn irrigation, but has had little effect on overall water use.

Effluent Reuse

More successful have been the changes made in effluent reuse. Construction of the 50 MG effluent holding pond has reduced the usage of Lake Travis water for golf course irrigation, and refinements to effluent reuse practices appear to hold the most promise at achieving additional conservation.