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    Hurst Creek MUD, Village of The Hills, and The Hills POA to Temporarily Close Offices to the Public

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What is a Pressure Reducing Valve?

Your Pressure Reducing Valve could be the cause.... Common Questions and Answers for PRVs


Weather UPDATE

When temperatures rise above freezing those pipes that were frozen begin to thaw out. If the pipes were broken and the home still has water pressure the water may flood the home or yard.

If you do not know where your meter box is located, it might be a good idea to find the location in the event you need to turn off the water to your home. The meter box is a black box identified with a black top and is typically located close to the street. Inside the box will be the meter and the turn off valve (see left side of diagram below).

If the home has a sprinkler system you may see a second box with a green lid that includes the check valves and other components of your irrigation system (see right side of diagram below).

In order to shut off the water the turn off valve must be turned to the right until the valve stops. This should be approximately a ¾ turn. The valves can be turned with a ‘Curb Key’ or T Handle, a Crescent wrench or Channel Lock pliers. The valves may be a bit difficult to turn depending on how long it has been since they have been used.

The graphic below shows that each of these components look like. Your system may or may not have a Customer Shutoff Valve, Pressure Reducing Valve or an Irrigation Check Valve. The important valve is the District Shutoff Valve on the left. If you find the Water Meter in the box, the Shutoff Valve is in there as well. The Shutoff Valve may be buried, and you may have to dig it out a bit. The valve will be near the meter and towards the street side of the box.

Shutoff Valve location and operation

If you require assistance, please reach out to the MUD emergency service at 512.261.6281.

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  1. 2019 Annual Water Quality Report


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    Hurst Creek M.U.D. is proud to present the annual water quality report for January 1st - December 31st 2019. Click the link below to read the full report. 
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